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the mad banana

First of all hi there and welcome to my humble homepage on the internet thingy, my name is Ryan Anthony but most know me by my moniker ‘Phat Monkey’ the self proclaimed king of the primates (village idiot) originally from Wales in the United Kingdom dabbling in music production and the monkey behind the once popular chart topping 'Ibiza Beach Bar Grooves' mix series. My other skills include video and photo editing and a few more bits picked up along the way. This new web site will fully launch in the near future along side my future Single 'Space Monkey' which is currently in production in my studio in Wales \0/

For some old skwl nostalgic fun scroll down and find a video of a Rave song I co-produced a very long time ago as DJ Rise with the awesome DJ Faber when grey hairs were a myth lol. Alternetivly if you preffer something more down tempo check out my song 'SAMURAI' I produced in 2015 below the Rave choon video 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, at the end of the day I am nobody special, just a normal humble approachable laid back monkey on a journey through life same as you, all that is left for me to say now is peace love and respect, may your journey lead you to your chosen destination”
xXx \0/ -
Phat Monkey

"The one thing we have in common that binds us all together is music, it is the ice breaker, it is unity, the new family, a feeling of togetherness in harmony that rivals all differences. Music can be heard in many forms throughout the known universe and beyond because that is the grand design of all things long before we were born and long after we become dust amongst the stars."
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Ryan Anthony | Phat Monkey 2021