music mastering, Analogue stem summing & more

I have been involved with music one way or another for over two decades you can be assured your music is in safe hands here. 

This is not available online, you are invited to my studio to share your vision for your music and after consultation I will begin to master your song, you will then be invited back to listen and request changes if needed before final print.

This is a hybrid analogue and in the box studio, each song is treated differently, there is no one soloution for all tracks, tell me what you are after, share a reference track or a sound you are going for.

Want to run stems through my analogue gear for that fat, 3D and openness sound so that you can work on your own music in your own studio then this is something I can also do.

Want to learn how to mix and master your own music then get in contact and I can arrange a 1 on 1 session.

For more information please use my contact page
Ryan Anthony (Phat Monkey)

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