music mastering, Analogue stem summing & more

'I have been involved in music one way or another for over two decades'

This is not available online, you are invited to my studio to share your vision for your music and after consultation I will begin to master your song, you will then be invited back to listen and request changes if needed before final print.

This is a hybrid analogue and in the box studio, each song is treated differently, there is no one soloution for all tracks, tell me what you are after, share a reference track or a sound you are going for.

Want to run stems through my analogue gear for that fat, 3D and openness sound so that you can work on your own music in your own studio then this is something I can also do.

Want to learn how to mix and master your own music then get in contact and I can arrange a 1 on 1 session.

I am fully aware music needs to be at a certain LUFS target for streaming platforms to avoid the penalty of being normalised as well as music artist wanting to ensure their music is at a competitive loudness. This is the choice you will have to make, STREAMING or LOUDNESS, some artist aim for the middle ground but I can tell you when it comes to EDM the last thing you want is a low perceived loudness against other tracks because the simple truth is DJ's will simply not play it as it will suck the energy out of the mix. In this scenario the solution is to ensure your music is as loud as it can be (before audible distortion occurs) to remain competitive against the song before and after it in a DJ's set.

The loudness war is not going away, so you may wonder how some of the big artist manage to get their music played by Djs at a competitive LUFS and maintain the correct LUFS for streaming platforms, the simple answer is they have two masters, one for the DJ, one for the streaming platforms and even then they tend to go a little loud. 

It is important to understand that known producers are in constant contact and have direct access to Dj's in order to send them loud versions of their songs. Unfortunately for lesser known producers you will rely on Djs buying your released music from Beatport, Juno and others directly.

What I am trying to say is you wont always have the luxury of releasing two versions of your song, one commercially and one just for the Dj's unless you know a person that knows a dragon that knows a girl that knows a dog that knows a Dj. Start networking as early as possible, get in with the big boys and gals, labels, A&R and peoples pets :) 

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Ryan Anthony (Phat Monkey)

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