ryan anthony 
aka phat monkey

Born in Wales many moons ago on a stormy night as the sheep roamed the land Ryan began his music venture on the piano earning him six distinctions by the age of eleven. As years went by he has been an active music producer and DJ under different guises with his latest moniker being 'Phat Monkey' which he originally used for his top ten Ibiza Beach Bar Grooves mix series on Beatport

Ryan enjoys travelling and meeting new people and cultures, one of his most favourite places to visit is Thailand a country full of culture, ancient temples, amazing food, music and kind hearted people. Over the years Ryan has visited Thailand ten times and hopes to visit again some day

When it comes to music Ryan can easily adapt to any genre and has a broad pallet of music he likes to listen too from House, Trance, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock and everything else in between. Ryan's skills included, music production, music mastering, song writing, video editing, photo editing and much more

In 2019 his life took a massive back seat after losing his mother and is now the sole carer for his father that suffers from Dementia and Cancer. Music and his dog Dan have been the only thing keeping him together but unfortunately mid February 2022 Ryan lost Dan his friend of thirteen years due to an illness that could not be cured in time

On April 27th 2022 his father whom he has looked after for three years, two of which was full time after making a decision to give up his job of fourteen years and basically his whole life to do so lost his battle against cancer and vascular dementia and died peacefully at home in the care of Ryan and two carers that helped thirty minutes a day  

Ryan is now holding on to the positive, building himself back up while concentrating on his music for Summer 2022  

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