ryan anthony 
aka phat monkey

Born in Wales in the United Kingdom many moons ago on a stormy night as the sheep roamed the land I began my music journey on the piano earning me six distinctions by the age of eleven. During the early years in 1998 I was DJ Rise until 2004. In 2002 one of my songs was used for a popular video game advert on TV and things went from there providing short clip tracks for ads and two film documentaries. Over the years I have gone under different names which I no longer wish to associate myself with as well as producing music semi professionally such as Ryan Anthony on Alter Ego Records (Tranquil State) 

I was the guy behind the old chart topping volume one and two DJ mix series 'Ibiza Beach Bar Grooves' on Beatport as Phat Monkey but Beatport later ran into legal issues and decided to remove the mix chart which left me with the 'Phat Monkey' name which I am using for a new music project currently being worked on (video demo on main page)

I enjoy travelling, meeting new people, one of my favourite places on this beautiful planet is Thailand a country rich in culture, ancient temples, amazing food, music and people

My main skills include, music production, music mastering, song writing, DJ, video editing, photo editing and everything in-between as well as being an experienced catering manager, I guess you could say I am a jack of all trades. You may have also guessed I also do my own SEO and Web Design 🤓 

In 2019 my life took a massive back seat after losing my mother making me the sole carer for my father that suffered from Dementia and Cancer as well as a host of other medical problems. Music and my dog Dan was essential in keeping my mental health healthy but unfortunately mid February 2022 I lost my best friend Dan (dog) of 13 years followed by my father two months later

I have since grown into a very different person while trying to hold on to the positive, although many know me for my humour and silly antics which is usually at my own expense as I live to entertain, I also have a serious side and my tolerance is not what it used to be and I guess I have become more of a straight talker for those that want the truth or need the truth. Best not ask me what I think unless you really want to know what I think 🤪

I hope this gives you a good insight into my personal life, peace and love xXx 

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