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yo chimps welcome to the official phat monkey homepage

Hi there groovetastical chimps all over this awesome world, welcome to my homepage on the internet thing, I am ‘Phat Monkey’ the self proclaimed king of the primates (village idiot) from Wales within the United Kingdom dabbling in music production and other things

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, at the end of the day I am nobody special, just a normal humble approachable laid back monkey on a journey through life same as you, all that is left for me to say now is peace love and respect, may your journey lead you to your chosen destination”

Phat Monkey xXx \0/ 


HAPPY NEW YEAR (31/12/2023)
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year from me in my music studio here in Wales, aim high, look straight ahead and GO 4 IT! Love U All xXx

MUSIC NEWS (22/12/2023)
I can confirm I am working on a very catchy Pop RnB track
\0/ ETA mid 2024 \0/
I will be taking a trip to Thailand for some much needed long overdue inspiration to recharge my creative internal batteries. I am so excited for the next phase of my creative journey under the moniker Phat Monkey.  

Recently many companies are concidering subscription only models and this is how I feel about the situation and the dangers it brings along with the action you need to take right now: ARTICLE

My 'Voice Command For Cubase' profile for VoiceAttack is now available absolutely FREE with no obligations. To find out more simply click the 'Free Stuff' in the navigation bar

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Voice Command For CUBASE

Voice Command For Cubase was a project I started in 2018-2019 which gives users the ability to control Cubase with their voice via VoiceAttack (sold separately)

The project was originally abandoned due to life problems you may have read in the Phat Monkey section of this website. Countless hours and love had been poured into this project and over the past few days some more hours added to bring it up to 2023 resulting in a fun way to navigate Cubase and in some cases speeding up workflow

Voice Command For Cubase: Download

User Manual: 
Voice Command For Cubase

Hope you have lots of fun with Voice Command for Cubase
Ryan Anthony


One thing you hear people ask all the time is does this and that plugin sound analogue but you are asking the wrong question. Nothing digital is going to sound analogue, the question you need to ask is does the plugin in question give your music depth, warmth, a 3D sound?

The main magician in your tool box should be a PRE-AMP and mixing different flavours of PRE-AMP's across your tracks at 48k or better. Yes I said 48k and not 44.1hz or better and the main reason for that is to limit aliasing, I guess you can call it a cheap form of oversampling"

However if you do want to go the analogue route I highly recommend  'Dangerous Music 2Bus+' it makes everything seem fat phat fat, warmer and 3D creating an awesome separation of various elements within your mix

Ryan Anthony - Monkey Choon Studio

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sampler vol1

E.P released by Alter Ego featuring Ryan Anthony ft Danny Claire, the talented A.R.D.I and label A&R Blugazer

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5 years for tranquil state

Ryan Anthony makes it onto the compilation album showboating 38 of the best downtempo music in 5 years on Alter Ego Records

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ibiza beach bar grooves vol 2

Volume 2 of the chart topping Ibiza mix by Phat Monkey on Beatport from several years ago which was later uploaded to mixcloud, enjoy \0/

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If you like Tech House with a touch of Melodic then your in for a treat!

Phat Monkey in the mix live for Summer 2021 with his signature peak time mixology bliss of taking you on a journey to new heights and gently bringing you down into melodic euphoria 

It is time for your 1hr 22mins journey to begin traveler, press play and get this party started Monkey style \0/

If the player below does not load for you or there is no sound please check the security settings for this site on your browser and disable ad blockers

Does your kick sound messy?

If your kick sounds like cardboard or a little boxy and you are struggeling to find the frequency to duck here is a little math trick to get your started

Find the root note of your kick, the fundimental, once you have this it is time to get out the old calculator, enter into the calculator the rounded off number of your kick fundimental frequency x 1.618 ÷ 2 x 10 =  

One you have your number have a medium size Q and drop the freqency by around 3db and see if that helps.

Remember this is a starting point not a magical number, always use your ears not just numbers :)

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"The one thing we have in common that binds us all together is music, it is the ice breaker, the new family, unity, a feeling of togetherness in harmony that rivals all differences

Music can be heard in many forms throughout the known universe and beyond because that is the grand design of all things long before we were born and long after we become dust amongst the stars"   
Ryan Anthony 

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