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yo chimps

Happy in his own habitat this monkey can be seen swinging through trees searching for food inbetween making lots of noise in his home music studio that might be mistaken for a strange mating call by some or obnoxious noise by others 

Hi there groovetastical chimps, welcome to my homepage on the internet thing, I am the ‘Phat Monkey’ the self proclaimed king of the primates (village idiot) from Wales within the United Kingdom dabbling in music production and crazy things

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, at the end of the day I am nobody special, just a normal humble approachable laid back monkey on a journey through life same as you, all that is left for me to say now is peace love and respect, may your journey lead you to your chosen destination”
Phat Monkey 

new project

Phat Monkey is currently working on a peak time 130 BPM Techno Choon called 'Monkey Face'

More info in the coming weeks \0/

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in the mix :D


Talk 2 Cubase allows users to issue voice commands to Cubase 12 which in turn speeds up workflow by freeing up key commands so that you can get on with the important stuff, producing music!

Talk 2 Cubase should be ready sometime in the Summer 2022 and is an add-on profile for the awesome VoiceAttack which is sold separately. There are over 323 commands and counting which includes the ability to enter in the tempo of a song by using your voice!

The profile is technically ready and I have been using it myself but there is still lots of work to do from a security perspective. Those that own my previous Yak2Cubase for VoiceAttack can email me for a free upgrade to Talk 2 Cubase when it is ready, keep an eye here for updates, peace \0/

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sampler vol1

E.P released by Alter Ego featuring Ryan Anthony ft Danny Claire, the talented A.R.D.I and label A&R Blugazer

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5 years for tranquil state

Ryan Anthony makes it onto the compilation album showboating 38 of the best downtempo music in 5 years on Alter Ego Records

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ibiza beach bar grooves vol 3

Volume 1 and 2 were a success on Beatport before legal issues had them remove Dj compilation mixes. This is a one off mix ENJOY \0/

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Need a new skin for U-He DIVA? Then this sexy black GUI by The Phat Monkey is available to buy for $5 USD at Gumroad

'The one thing we have in common that binds us all together is music,
it is the ice breaker, it is unity, the new family, a feeling of togetherness in harmony that rivals all differences. Music can be heard in many forms throughout the known universe and beyond because that is the grand design of all things long before we were born and long after we become dust amongst the stars'  
-- Ryan Anthony 2020 --
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